About us

Los Roques Travel belongs to Flight and Trip tour operator, which was founded in Germany in 2010.

nicky-flightandtrip-300x300The founder, Nicky Richter, settled in Venezuela in 2008, where he lives today, this time spent working together with hotels and other tourism operators in Venezuela, providing to its European customers the best of Venezuela.
In 2016, we are celebrating six years providing our clients good services and unforgettable trips. Today we are not only specialized in tourism trips with different destinations in Latin America, but also individual tours, in which customers choose and plan their trip within a country or several countries in Latin America. More than 500 European clients, including Germans, Italians, Polish and Russians, have traveled with Flight and Trip in these six years.



andreSince 2012, Andre Desor works for the operator providing marketing services. He is German and has been living for more than five years in Biguaçu, metropolitan region of Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina. By noticing the growing interest by Brazilians in traveling to Latin America, he signed in 2014 a partnership with Flight and Trip in order to provide Brazilians a high-level product. We believe that because we have partnerships with several hotels, hostels and ships, we can provide both our European and Brazilian clients the best that Latin America can offer.