Gran Roque

Gran Roque

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Gran Roque is the main island of Los Roques with a population of 3,000. The island is from the southeast to the northeast 3.5 kilometers wide and from the southwest to the northwest 990 meters wide. The main island of Gran Roque is the island’s fifth largest island, with an area of 182.2 hectares. The highest peak (Cerro Roque) is 124 meters high.

Gran Roque

Gran Roques-Location in Los Roques

At this island is the only airport of the coral archipelago of Los Roques, due to the limited length of the runway ( 1000 m ) only small aircrafts can land. All Los Roques Posadas are located on the main island, the only exception are camps on the island Crasqui.

Languages spokenspanish, english, italian
Currency usedUSD, Euro, Bolivar Fuerte
Area (km2)1,7

Nightlife info

Good locationes for nightlife in Los Roques are the Bora la Mar, La Gotera Cafe, Canto de Balleno. Here were only small parties celebrated and you feel right at home.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.

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