We offer various Los Roques travel packages to cater your particular travel plans. No matter if you are here for a Honeymoon, to spend some vacation time or to experience sea sports like kite surfing, Los Roques fly fishing or sailing among the tropical islands, we have well-planned packages for you. Our Los Roques travel packages are affordable but designed to maximize your enjoyment and comfort. There are 5 to 14 days travel packages, plus we can arrange flights to Los Roques from the Venezuelan mainland.

Here are our main travel packages for Los Roques:

  • Los Roques Honeymoon package: This package will make your dream of a Caribbean honeymoon come true. This is a 10-day You will live in a seaside posada and also move around the sea on a sailboat.
  • Isla Margarita plus Los Roques Package: This 14-day package is ideal for you if you get to know the life in Los Roques. We can guarantee that you will have an amazing experience on the beautiful islands at the heart of the Caribbean.
  • Basic Posada package: This five-day package is ideal for spending some leisure days at the Los Roques beaches.
  • Kitesurfing package: Do you love kite surfing? Then this package will give you a lifetime experience of surfing through the calm blue water of Los Roques.
  • Flyfishing package: If you are excited about fishing, this 7-day package is perfect for you.
  • Sailboat package: This unique package will let you stay on a sailboat for 7 days. The sailboat will be personally for you only. There will be crews to operate the boat.
  • Posada plus Catamaran Package: This package includes three nights of staying in a posada and then you will move to a Catamaran to move around the sea through the islands. Choose this package to have a really different experience.
  • Flight packages: We can also arrange individual or group flight packages to Los Roques.

Why reserving a Los Roques travel package ?

Unlike other overcrowded tourist resorts, the islands are perfect for a calm and relaxing holiday. Our Los Roques travel packages will just make the time more pleasant for you. Give all the arrangement chores to us, so that you can enjoy your wonderful days in the heavenly Caribbean archipelago, free of all worries.

Our Los Roques travel packages