5 Best Fly Fishing Spots in the Caribbean

Fly Fishing in Los Roques

People who enjoy fly fishing know how enjoyable of an activity it can be. There are several places in the world that are a must see for fly fishing fanatics. The Caribbean is known to feature a lot of areas that are considered to be dream-like destinations. These dream-like destinations also happen to feature the […]


Enjoy Los Roques on a sailboat !

The archipelago of Los Roques, with its many islands and shoals, is ideal for sailing. In addition to the main island of Gran Roque, some of the fantastic islands of the archipelago have controlled access, such as the tortoise breeding station in Dos Mosquieses. Off-season visitors can watch dolphins and colorful fish in the crystal […]


Los Roques Safety is a safe Destination

Los Roques Safety 2019 Los Roques is a safe, peaceful destination for you to visit. How to get there amidst the Venezuelan crisis? One of the main concerns for travelers worldwide is how safe the place they are going to visit is. Naturally, they do not want to have bad surprises regarding their belongings and […]


Why you should visit Los Roques?

Los Roques Diving

What and where Los Roques is an archipelago, that is, a set of several islands of 22 thousand hectares. The islands, around 42, are called Cayos, and there are also a large number of shoals and coral reefs. Since 1972, Los Roques is a national park, a protected area and, therefore, there are islands that […]