Cayo Noronky

Cayo Noronky

Things to do - general

Cayo Noronky is one of the islands that make up the Los Roques archipelago – the largest marine national park in the Caribbean. It is a small, beautiful and uninhabited island which is accessed by boat. Its beaches are some of the most beautiful you will ever see, with lovely white sand, and crystal clear turquoise water, perfect for sitting and relaxing for a day. Noronky is very private and quiet, and visitors can enjoy snorkelling.

Sports and Nature

Nature Cayo Noronky
This beach is special for nature lovers. Visitors can see turtles frolicking in the waters, and when snorkelling, they will see fish, stingrays, giant snails and beautiful corals. The beach is amazing, with deep waters that take on a greenish or bluish hue, depending on the depth. Best of all, the water is delightfully warm for a relaxing swim.
Sport Cayo Noronky
Snorkelling and kite surfing are the main sports one can do here. There is good snorkelling a few meters from the shore, and the beach of fine white sand. Like many of the islands that make up Los Roques, Noronky is a great spot for kitesurfing.

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