Dos Mosquises

Dos Mosquises

Things to do - general

Dos Mosquises beach is another one of the islands of Los Roques Archipelago. It is made up of two keys and is governed by Venezuela. The Dos Mosquises North key is home to a Biology Research Station which was built in 1976 and managed by the Fundación Científica Los Roques. This research facility has a turtle breeding program for the preservation of sea turtles, and visitors can learn about turtle species that inhabit the archipelago. Because of this research facility, Dos Mosquises is frequently visited by researchers from various countries. To get there, visitors fly to Los Roques, although Dos Mosquises has a small airport.  It is just one hour by boat from Gran Roque.

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Sports and Nature

Nature Dos Mosquises
As wit the other islands, Dos Mosquises has lovely beaches and clear waters.. The research center on marine life is interesting and visitors can see hawksbill and green turtles in their natural habitats.
Sport Dos Mosquises
Kiting is one of the sports that can be carried out here. There are trade winds all year round, but the best months for kiting here are February to June. The wind is clean and smooth and since it is a small island, any direction in which the wind is blowing is good for kiting. Diving is also a major feature in the reefs that border the key and Dos Mosquises offers great diving and snorkelling.

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