Los Roques Underwater
Diving in Los Roques

Los Roques is a coral reef in the Caribbean. It makes the perfect destination for divers who are exploring this part of the world and are looking for new experiences. It is one of the most colourful and diverse without mentioning the best preserved, coral reefs in this part of the world. It`s a very famous spot for scuba diver.




Reasons for diving in Los Roques

Underwater coral starfish and water surface
Los Roques Diving

There are two main reasons why scuba divers choose Los Roques. The first is the extensive ecosystem of fish and marine life. Los Roques Diving is highly recomend and is one of the most diverse in the world. It allows scuba divers to experience new species that they may never have come across before along with the visual delight of nature’s colourful display. Also the diversity of the underwater terrains and habitats has much to offer and gives limitless opportunities to explore it. Scuba divers can take deep and shallow waters, caves, crevices, sandy bottoms and algae prairies.

Diving areas in Los Roques

Many areas of Los Roques can be visited at both night and day and these offer two very different experiences of diving in the area as many species emerge from their daytime hideaways in caves during the night. Scuba divers who choose to stay in the shallower lagoons of Los Roques can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are created by the underwater roots and mangroves. Regardless of what a diver hopes to achieve by visiting Los Roques, it is an area that can meet any scuba divers dreams.

Our Diving Services in Los Roques

We offer for your Dive adventure in los Roques:

  • Dives: day and night
  • Diving Packages
  • Dive Courses: Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced
  • Equipment

If you want to spend a wonderful holiday in Los Roques and focus on practising scuba diving speak to our agents. We organize you a dream stay where you can practice your favourite sport. We work together with Los Roques posadas who are specialised in receiving scuba divers. You also have the chance to take scuba diving classes. However, you are a beginner or a pro in scuba diving Los Roques gives you the chance to experience an unforgettable holiday.

Prices for Los Roques Diving

Service Rates in USD
1 Immersion ( without Equipment ) 45
1 Day / 2 Immersiones ( without Equipment ) 80
1 Immersion at night ( without Equipment ) 55
3 Days / 6 Immersiones ( without Equipment ) 205
5 Days / 10 Immersiones ( without Equipment ) 350
Suit, jacket, regulator, mask and fins a day 35
jacket, regulator a day 30

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