Los Roques Sailboats

sailboat Los Roques
Los Roques Sailboats

There are many ways to spent a holiday on Los Roques, but spending a dream holiday on a sailing boat is very spectacular. Besides spending it on a Los Roques sailboat you can also spend it on a catamaran. Los Roques Sailing is a unique experience for a Catamaran tour.






Advantages of spending your holiday on Los Roques sailboats

Los Roques Sailing
Los Roques Sailboat

Instead of staying in a Los Roques posada here is a alternative. On a sailing boat or a catamaran your holidays in the Caribbean will be exclusively. You can hire it on your own or just a cabin. On the catamaran can stay up to 8 people and on a sailing boat can still stay 5 people. This makes it ideal for little groups, like friends or families. The service is pure luxurious. At the stay you will have your own cook who serves you delicious sea food and other specialities with nice drinks while watching a sunset. You are sailing during the night and during the day you will spend your days on beautiful islands with marvellous beaches. You will take a bath on unforgettable beaches, you usually see in fancy magazines. Your dreams will come true in Los Roques.



Sporting activities at Sailboats in Los Roques

A sailing boat trip can be just to relax, but you can also use it to practice nice sports. Many of our customers a kite surfers and book a Los Roques Kitesurf adventure. People who like to fish also hire a boat very often to go Fly Fishing in Los Roques. Our agents will give you specific information if you want to hire a boat and practice sports.

How does a trip like this work?

Arriving in Caracas one of our drivers will pick you up and bring you to a hotel close to the airport. Very early in the morning our driver will take you from the hotel back to the airport, where you are going to take one of the Los Roques flights. In Los Roques a representative will welcome you on the island and take you to your sailing boat or catamaran. There your incredible journey will start. If you want to spend your holiday not only on a Los Roques catamaran and in a posada, too, please speak to our agents. Well will organize this for you. The minimum stay on a boat is 3 nights. If your are travelling in August, during Christmas, new year, Carnival or Easter keep in mind to book at least 3 month in advance, because these dates are the high season and especially sailing boats and catamarans are booked out very quickly. For more information have a look at our other pages or contact us.

Travel Package for Los Roques sailboats or catamarans