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5 Best Fly Fishing Spots in the Caribbean

People who enjoy fly fishing know how enjoyable of an activity it can be. There are several places in the world that are a must see for fly fishing fanatics. The Caribbean is known to feature a lot of areas that are considered to be dream-like destinations. These dream-like destinations also happen to feature the best fly fishing places in the world. This is a list of the five best fly fishing places in the Caribbean:

5.) Belize

Fishing Boat in Belize
Fly Fishing in Belize

Belize is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. The entire east side of the country is on the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, which makes it an incredible fly fishing spot. One of the amazing aspects of fly fishing in Belize is that the places for fly fishing are open all year round. Fly fishing is very popular in Belize, and the country has a lot of lodges that are solely dedicated to fly fishing.

The lodges provide a great opportunity for fly fishing. The lodges have experts that are dedicated to help any tourist who has an interest in fly fishing, or any enthusiast who just needs a guide. The best part of Belize for fly fishing is the Belize River. The Belize River is one of the most sought-after fly fishing and fishing areas in the world.

The Belize River Lodge is Belize’s first fishing lodge, and is still one of the most highly recommended fly fishing spots in Belize. Besides fly fishing, Belize is a beautiful country for shore excursions, food, sightseeing, and water sports. Need an excuse to fly fish while planning a family trip? Then Belize is definitely the perfect destination for you. The beautiful nature of Belize not only make it a must-see for fly fishing, but for travel in general.

4.) Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Yucatan in Mexico
Fishing spot Yucatan in Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula is an area of Mexico that encompasses 3 states of Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is located on the north side of Mexico, and it separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean coast of The Yucatan Peninsula is beautiful and is an amazing place for fly fishing. On the northern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula is the fishing town of San Felipe. San Felipe is near Cancun and is recognized by the Mexican Government for its commercial, scientific, and values related to the region’s biota.

The Mexican Government also lists San Felipe as a designated marine preserve. Basically, the town is a dedicated place for fly fishing and fishing in general. The town has beautiful lodges that will turn your fly fishing trip into a luxurious vacation. San Felipe is the standard for fly fishing and features an incredible variety of fish. Similar to Belize, San Felipe has several experts on fly fishing that will help any novice, enthusiast, or expert with fly fishing. Besides fly fishing, the Yucatan Peninsula has a wide variety of things to do such as: ocean life, Mayan ruins, underground caves, food, and the amazing city of Cancun.

3.) Cuba

Cuba in the Caribbean
Caribbean Fishing spot Cuca

Cuba is a country that is entirely an island. Since Cuba is an island, it is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, making it a great destination for fly fishing. The country has several islands off the coast of Cuba that are premiere destinations for fly fishing. The resort island of Cayo Largo del Sur is located off of Cuba’s southern coast. Cayo Largo del Sur is known for its sandy beaches and for a place that sea turtles will lay their eggs. The fishery at Cayo Largo del Sur is known as the premiere destination for fly fishing in Cuba.

The nature of Cayo Large is generally noted for being almost untouched over the last 1000 years. Immersing yourself on an untouched saltwater ecosystem is an experience that every fly fishing hobbyist or expert needs to do. Similar to the other places noted, Cayo Largo del Sur has experts that will help any beginner or expert with fly fishing. If you go to Cayo Largo del Sur, you’ll most likely stay at their beautiful all-inclusive resort. The island has 17 miles of fine white sand beaches with a surrounding ocean that produces dream-like images. Besides fly fishing, Cayo Largo del Sur is an amazing place for beach exploration, nature trails, and sea turtle hatchery.

2.) The Bahamas

Caribbean fishing spot Bahamas
Fishing at the Bahamas in the Caribbean

The Bahamas is a country of over 700 islands in the Caribbean. Because of the vastness, tourism destinations, and variety of the Bahamas, it is an incredible place for fly-fishing. Grand Bahama island is one of the nicest areas of the Bahamas, and for fly fishing. Deep Water Cay at Grand Bahama island is one of the oldest fishing lodges. Being created in 1958, Deep Water Cay has seen countless upgrades, additions, and improvements over the years that have now made it one of the most knowledgeable and historical areas for fly fishing. It is a legendary place for fly fishing, and the founders knew about the importance of it for fishing in general.

Just like the other places listed, Deep Water Cay has experts to help any beginner or expert with fly fishing. The history of Deep Water Cay is fascinating. Like a lot of areas of the Bahamas, Deep Water Cay use to be entirely comprised of pirates over 300 years ago. Deep Water Cay is a fisherman’s ideal place. Besides fly fishing, the vacation lodge has a ton of available activities for any person to enjoy.

1.) Los Roques

Los RoquesFly Fishing in Los Roques is a federal dependency of Venezuela that consists of over 300 islands, cays, and islets. Similar to the Bahamas, the vastness and variety of Los Roques make it a must stop for fly fishing. All of the destinations on our list are all incredible, but Los Roques takes the list at number one. Being an offshore national park, the fly fishing community didn’t discover Los Roques until the mid-1980s.

7 Days Los Roques Fly Fishing Tour

Today, Los Roques is known to be the greatest place for fly fishing because of its ability to have a fishing environment for anything imaginable. The white sand beaches, clearwater lagoons, cays, mangrove islands, and pancake flats of Los Roques are a must-see for anyone. You can find a wide variety of fish at Los Roques, all the way from 5lbs permits to 100lbs plus Tarpon. Just like the other places noted, the fly fishing experts of Los Roques can help any fly fishing beginner or expert. Besides fly fishing, you can expect snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and the beach life of Los Roques to be main attractions.

These are 5 of the best fly fishing places in the Caribbean. All of them are a must see, no matter your experience with fly fishing. Even if you’re a beginner, try stepping out of your comfort zone and experience one of these surreal destinations for fly fishing.

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