Los Roques Sailboat

This is an really outstanding journey. Something you will not forget in a life time. With our “Los Roques Sailboat package” you will stay 7 days on-board on a sailboat. You have you own crew, which includes a Captain and a Chef. They will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.



How does it work ?

Arriving in Caracas you will take a Los Roques flight (included in the price). Already the flight is going to be amazing when you see Los Roques Islands from above. On the airport one of the crew member will pick you up and bring you to the sailboat. There you dream holidays really begins. The sailboat navigates normally at nights and during the daytime you will stop at many wonderful Los Roques islands. In total there are about 42 islands. You can spend your day as you prefer. Take a bath relax at one of the marvellous beaches or use your time for some sporting activities like kitesurfing, diving or Los Roques flyfishing. The crew will help in finding the activities you like.

Up to 5 people can stay on the sailboat. Food and soft drinks are all inclusive. You just need to pay for alcoholic drinks. Speak to our agents and they will consult you.

Services Included Los Roques Sailboat Package

  • Flight Caracas-Los Roques-Caracas
  • 6 Nights Sailboat in Los Roques All Inclusive ( Soft Drinks )

Services Excluded

  • Hotel Caracas
  • International Flight

Based on 6 Persons

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Cayo de Agua in Los Roques National Park

Cayo de Agua in Los Roques National Park

Cayo de Agua is the name of an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea that belongs geographically to the archipelago Los Roques and administratively is organized as part of the Federal Dependencies, Venezuela, besides being part of the same name National Park and the Single Authority Aerial of Roques, the name of this key ( Cayo ) has its origin in the fact of having fresh water wells within it.

Cayo de Agua Location

It is located north of Venezuela, on the western edge of the “Los Roques” National Park in the north bordering the Keys ( Cayos ) tips Cocos, Pelona Key Water, Bequevé and Selesquí Island and the southeast are the keys Dos Mosquises. Cayo de Agua is relatively far from the airfield or airport Los Roques located at the opposite end (west) of the archipelago on the island of Gran Roque.

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Los Roques

Los Roques

Los Roques archipelago is amongst the very best of the best Caribbean islands, located 168 kms north of the central coast of Venezuela. It consists of 42 coral islands sprinkled along with hundreds of smaller islets, sandbanks and flat sandy cays. The Los Roques archipelago comprises of a great variety of beaches, with regards to rock formations and types of sand.

Are you planing a trip to this magnificent island, then this should serve as your guide to Los Roques. Most definitely, if this is the first that you will be going to this tourist spot, you need at least an idea of where to go, best restaurants in the island, the most wonderful activities you should never miss, and things and places that you should see.

Los Roques in Venezuela

Since Venezuela itself is a wonderful country, you can already expect that the islands portray this breath taking sceneries and the wonderful and clear waters surrounding the beautiful island. This place is not just about the clear waters too; you can also see mountains, rivers, plains, valleys and of course historical places that you will surely love.

Caribbean paradise for water sports

The place is a haven for tourists to put their feet up and savor the sun and sand in style. Perfect for fishing, diving, and snorkeling, Los Roques is a place waiting to be discovered.

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